Kids create summer gig

by Megan Kirkland

Ozona—Local kids sold lemonade in Ozona to raise funds during the summer.

In front of Bryan’s Poco Taco, Cade Dean, Jett Hale, and Cuatro Gass were motivated to sell pink lemonade to anyone who may be thirsty. Carting around tables with homemade signs, solo cups, and cold lemonade for $1.50 a glass, they served quite a few customers.

“We’re going to split up [the money], and just save up. We have something planned for Halloween. We’re going to have a whole party,” Cade said.

Cade plans to dress as Batman for the event.

Cuatro is considering investing his share into a Segway to get around town more efficiently.

Jett, Cade and Cuatro all were confident in their money handling skills and were able to give customers exact change when needed.

The boys plan to make the most of their summer entrepreneurship and plan return to downtown. Be sure to look out for the bright yellow signs they’ll be waving overhead.

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