November 02, 2023

Ozona History


Halloween has come and gone and a sigh of relief has gone up from the many different quarters. The spooks and goblins were out in great numbers here Tuesday night but little property damage resulted from the operations of Halloween pranksters.

The loose pipe scattered over the town by the would-be gas company promoters furnished the pranksters material for dragging out into the streets and loose barrels, boxes and other articles were scattered over the streets. The pranksters were responsible for some bright and shiny plate glass in the business section when they journeyed from one end to the other smearing each glass with crayon marks. Window cleaning was the order of the day on Wednesday morning.


Ozona grownups swelled with pride in their children Sunday morning when they surveyed the morning after Halloween and observed the absence of signs of vandalism. The only signs left were a cut-out pumpkin atop the stop light at the downtown intersection and a few “Yea Cubs” written with soap on downtown windows.


OHS band presented first place trophy in Class AA competition during Angelo State University’s 5th annual Band Day in San Angelo on Saturday night. Eddie Pace, band director at ASU, presents the trophy to Drum Major Karen Moody and congratulates OHS Band Director Lane Scott at right, during halftime ceremonies at the ASU-ACC football game.


It was beginning to look much more like Christmas than Halloween on Oct. 30 in Ozona when residents awoke to find snow on the ground. The early snowfall has to be a record for the area. Many winters pass with no snow at all.

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