Alfredo Guerrero Alvarez

  • Alfredo Guerrero Alvarez
    Alfredo Guerrero Alvarez

Alfredo Guerrero Alvarez was born in Francisco I. Madero, Coahuila, Mexico on January 25th 1942 to Jose Mario Guerrero and Victoria Alvarez. He moved on to shine his bright light in heaven on Friday, July 24th 2020.

Alfredo showed up to the John Childress Ranch sometime around 1980 looking for work.

Dwight Childress helped Alfredo obtain his legal documents and put him to work as part of large ranch crew which included Oliver Payne and Jim Bob Bailey. In the early years under Oliver’s tutelage and guidance, Alfredo became an indispensable member of the Childress Ranch family. Around Ozona, Alfredo was known for his cheerful disposition and infectious smile. On the ranch, Alfredo was known for hard work ethic, “never quit until the job is done” attitude, and his seldom seen, but ever present, fiery temper…which Jim Bob tended to incite. At times listening to Alfredo, Jim Bob, and Dwight, it was hard to tell just who was actually in charge.

Alfredo was a kind soul who embraced gardening, farming, and tending to all of God’s creatures-especially birds around his house and dogie calves, lambs, and goats. He could raise anything and everything imaginable. Eileen’s yard always looked amazing under his care. Alfredo cherished having children around. He helped raise Mark, Latham, and Kramer on the ranch and took pride in helping them work with their 4-H lambs. Recently, Alfredo looked forward to Mac and Riley visiting to “help” him around the ranch. He also worked for CCCCSD for several years.

Alfredo is survived by his large, loving, family who mostly live in Mexico and his Childress ranch family and numerous dear friends.

The Dwight Childress family are planning a future memorial service to spread Alfredo’s ashes on the fields in front of the ranch house that he loved. Alfredo was loved and appreciated. He will be missed.