Commissioners give roofing company two weeks to fix, finish jobs


The Crockett County Commissioners’ Court gave a roofing company 14-days notice to repairs new roofs on county buildings that were found to be improperly installed.

At Monday’s regular meeting, the commissioners gave written notice of defective roofing to McNeil Roofing, of San Antonio, and gave the roofing company until Oct. 26 to have repairs completed on the Crockett County Fair Park Convention Center, 4-H Barn, Hog Barn, Horse Barn, Horse Pen, barn by the rodeo arena, cooking area by the arena, grand stands at the arena, all three pavilions and restrooms by the arena.

The commissioners notice comes after Delta Consulting Group conducted an inspection on the buildings on Sept. 17. The third-party inspection was requested by the commissioners.

McNeil Roofing was awarded a bid of $400,836 to repair and place new roofs on the buildings in March.

According to the report from Delta Consulting Group, the new roofs that McNeil Roofing put on the buildings have loose screws scattered throughout the roofs, dents in new roof panels, excessive amount of screw hole penetrations, neoprene washers on the fastening screws torn from over tightening, original vent covers not replaced with new ones, water leakage in the buildings, bent and dented new gutters and gable/ rake trims installed upside down.

The report recommended the full removal and replacement of roof panels, roof trim components and guttering on all the buildings.

Mike McNeil, owner of McNeil Roofing, told the commissioners he would like to finish and fix the problems on the roof.

“The third-party report is stating these roofs are not safe. You have yet to even complete one of those projects. You’re jumping from building to building without completing them,” said Commissioner G.L. Bunger to McNeil.

“There is poor work on these buildings. These are all unsatisfactory. We need to redo all of them,” added Commissioner Frank Tambunga. “If we give you another chance, how are you going to guarantee it will be done right this time.”

McNeil said he would fix all the roofs and extend the warranty on the roofs. He also said he would change the people doing the labor.

“I’m trying to survive here,” McNeil said. “We will fix everything that is on this list. I’m just pleading with you all to finish the project.”

County Judge Fred Deaton said that the labor on the roofs has been “terrible.”

“What we feel like right now is that we don’t have new roofs,” Deaton said.

“It comes down to poor workmanship,” Bunger added.

County Road Supervisor Jeffrey Stuart said the report from Delta Consulting should “speak for itself.”

“At some point, I think the report, and if you physically gov over there and look, tells the story,” Stuart said.

The commissioners met in executive/closed session to consult with County Attorney Jody Upham over the matter.

After reconvening in open session, Deaton told McNeil that he had two weeks to get everything done, and that the county will hire a professional engineer to inspect the roofs after that.

Deaton said McNeil Roofing has worked for the county before this when they installed a new roof on the Crockett County Courthouse several years ago.

The commissioners also:

• Postponed discussion on the countywide burn ban to their next meeting in two weeks.

• Approved Transamerica CountyChoice Silver Renewal program.

• Approved resolution for Indigent Defense Grant Program.

• Approved to move portion of County Road 207 to the east approximately 200 feet.

• Approved bid packet as presented by SKG Engineering for the roof on the Crockett County Courthouse and advertise to seek proposals for bids.

• Tabled deciding on the employee appreciation meal. Commissioners are going to look into different options.

• Approved to allow Right Away Fencing on County Road 303, Todd Ranch. Bunger abstained.

• Tabled any action on cemetery deed restrictions for trees.