It’s The Pitts

Walking Around Money

Alarmed And Dangerous

My Most Memorable Mutt

One Good Year

Weights And Measures

So, Melt Already

Mr. Big Shot


Don’t Bet On It

Tuckered Out

Ridin’ Shotgun

Nuts And Bolts

Eating Supper At Dinner

Impaired Memory

Stay Put

The Vegan Church

The New Normal

Legs And Eggs

Legs And Eggs

Beautiful Babes

Family Secrets

The Hood

Braving The Elements

Stuff I Learned From Cows

Nice Meating You

The Big (Rotten) Apple


If Vets Were MD’s

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

An Odd Bird

Freedom Stew

The Cow Buyers Dance

Clever Cows and Brainy Bovines

One Too Many

Bearly Camping