Crockett County Commissioner addresses rise in local cases, announces wellness center is closed

  • Commissioner Wesley Bean address local coronavirus cases
    Commissioner Wesley Bean address local coronavirus cases

Crockett County Commissioner Wesley Bean addressed the recent rise in local positive COVID-19 cases on his Facebook page Saturday night.

Bean, who represents Precinct 3, also announced that the J. Cleo Thompson Wellness Center will be closed until further notice to minimize exposure.

Below is what Bean posted:

"I posted the info below earlier as a comment under a post, but thought I’d share out right as well. Please know that local officials and local medical personnel are fully aware of what is going on and about the very rapid increase in numbers. Please be responsible, Practice social distancing, and take proper steps to safeguard yourself and your families. After much consideration The J Cleo Thompson Wellness Center will be closed until further notice in an effort to minimize exposure in the INDOOR exercise environment. The comment below may be helpful as well.....

One reason for all the rapid jumps in numbers this week is because there has been a business relationship established with Texas Tech to run Crockett County test. We are now getting most results back in 24-48 hours but usually is no longer than 72 hours instead of spread over 8-14 days as I understand. Nevertheless the numbers would all be the same at the end of this. It is costing the country quite a bit of money and wear and tear on vehicles to get test to Lubbock daily, but we are committed to doing whatever it takes to try to help slow this virus in our county and help our citizens.The faster we have results the faster we can get our hands around it. Please if you are needing to be in quarantine STAY AT HOME. We can not gain any headway if people on our side are also working against us!!

Stay Safe!!!"

Bean's post comes after the Texas Department of State Health Services reported Saturday, July 18, that Crockett County had 96 total cases, with 72 active, 11 recovered and 1 death.

Crockett County received it's first coronavirus case on June 4. On July 8, Crockett County had 13 cases. Since July 8, cases have spread rapidly throughout the county.

"We as a clinic feel that that was a great move on the part of Crockett County to partner with Texas Tech for quick tests results, and it is a huge plus to have that in place for our community. We sincerely appreciate all the effort that was put into it, and the ongoing effort to keep couriers in place to get the test there 5-6 days a week," said Susan Bilano, director of the Family Health Center of Ozona on Bean's Facebook post. 

The Crockett County Care Center has been severely affected by COVID-19 with residents and staff both testing positive.

At the July 13 Crockett County Commissioners’ Court Meeting, Care Center Administrator Dewayne Atwood said the center has lost some staff members due to waiting on test results or staff members still under quarantine.

“I’m hoping by the end of this week to start seeing some staff members able to come back. This is an unusual virus. Some people are still having symptoms,” Atwood said. “It’s all hands-on deck at this point.”

Atwood has contacted agencies to bring in relief workers. He also said employees from the clinic have also been helping out at the Care Center.

Atwood would not specifically say how many staff members or residents had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I’m not going to answer for the doctor. All the residents are currently doing re-ally well,” Atwood said. “This virus has been going on since March. We’ve been working on this since March. This thing went down every major highway when it first started. How it skipped us, no idea. We were fortunate to go as long as we have. We’re not the only nursing home going through this.”

The Center for Disease Control states that even if a person tests negative for COVID-19, or feels healthy, they should stay quarantined since symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.

If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, then you need to be tested, Bilano said.

"The bottom line is, those that sick and on quarantine should be considerate of others in the community and follow the rules and stay home, weather it be Ozona or anywhere else," Bilano said.

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