Students recognized at school board meeting

May 30, 2024

Board room full was full at this meeting to honor those who participate and advanced to state. The board thanked parents for getting kids up early and getting the kids to work and thanked students for representing Ozona with their behavior and hard work by putting Ozona on the map at these state competitions.

Recognized students who participated in Special Olympics as well as volunteers.

Recognized track team.

Recognized 4th and 5th graders who competed in Number Sense, Mathematics and Calculator.

Recognized Middle School sweepstakes competitors, those who competed in quickest, Calculator,

Mathematics, Number Sense and Science. Won Mathematics competition at State.

High School UIL academics teams were in Austin and will be recognized next meeting.

Discussed building maintenance including brick veneer, new locker room pads and benches, plumbing and AC updates and a new metal roof. Played video on how the 2022 bond has been spent which focused on field house, school housing, bus barn and school safety.

Discussed Gifted and Talented program with 20 elementary, 11 middle school and 27 high school students. Went over parent surveys and determined program leaders need to work on parent communication.

Discussed AC problems with buses.

Maintenance moved in to a new building.

Fieldhouse tours must be arranged ahead of time due to safety reasons.

Discuss Map testing results, which is a test at the beginning of the year to see how much they learn by end of year.

Middle School enrollment numbers for this year were 48 6th Graders, 54 7th graders and 51 8th graders

Discussed High Schoolers reaction to Shattered Dreams and how the reading of the obituaries over the intercom really affected the students. Superintendent thanked people who volunteered and helped out with Shattered Dreams.

All campuses passed security tests. No one was able to get on campuses unauthorized.

Discussed projected values on property which is $2,502,690,000 and bond market value is $3,194,226,000.

Discussed getting a new bus with a lift for students in wheel chairs.

Board approved keeping same attorney.