April 11, 2024
April 11, 1974 April 11, 1974

April 11, 1924

A.L. Villmont, globe trotter and millionaire bootblack, was in Ozona last week, and will be remembered by Ozona citizens as the man who passed through here about two years ago with a wheelbarrow chained to him, the result, of a bet which he made with a prominent man of Washington City that he could make a trip around the world with no other resources than a shine box and the necessary accessories. It was stipulated in the bet that the first five thousand miles of the trip around the world must be made with the wheelbarrow, which was locked to him in such a way that he could not get loose from it, even to sleep. Mr. Villmont, while here, had several large books, in which were signatures of citizens of the towns and cities that he passed through on his world-circling trip.

April 12, 1934

Construction work was started this week on the new grandstand to be erected at Powell Athletic Field here for use in school and town athletic contests. Provisions for financing the project were completed last week through the co-operation of county officials and the contract for construction of the stand was awarded by Scott Peters, representing the school board and county in handling the project. The grandstand is to be sixty feet in length and will contain ten rows of seats. It is estimated the structure will seat around 500 persons. Unless unforeseen delays occur, the stand will be completed in time for the opening game of the 1934 Went Texas Independent League season.

April 13, 1944

An ENGHTH AAF Bombardment Division Headquarters, England--The promotion of Rachel Shrader, of the Women's Army Corps, of Ozona, Texas, from the grade of corporal to that of sergeant has been announced at this division headquarters. Sgt. Shrader is a draftswoman and secretary at this headquarters where Flying Fortress bombing attacks on Nazi military and industrial targets are planned and studied.

April 11, 1974

The Alpha Alpha Mu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority presented this metal book cart to the hospital last week. It will be used in the hospital as well as the nursing home. Patients may select books or magazines from the two-sided, three-tiered metal cart as it is rolled to rooms. Sorority members also plan to keep the book cart well-stocked with good reading material. In the picture are Sonny Kirklen, Hospital Administrator, and sorority members, Mrs. Tony Allen, Mrs. Jim Leech and Mrs. Ruben Pena-Alfaro.

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