Sunshine Week: State transparency is getting brighter

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Sunshine Week: State transparency is getting brighter

It’s Sunshine Week in America, and thanks to the leadership of key legislators, the sun shines brighter in Texas than it did a year ago.

The 2019 legislative session brought reforms to restore muscle to transparency laws that were pounded to mush by appeals court rulings in recent years. More on that in a bit.

Sunshine Week is observed annually to spotlight the importance of government transparency. By law, most government actions are supposed to be readily transparent via public meetings, public records and public notices so citizens can hold their government accountable.

During an election year politicians of all stripes vow to let the sun shine on government business. “I’m all for transparency” is as common a refrain as “I pledge allegiance...” But once they take office, too many officials add a word to that sentence: “I’m all for transparency, but...” And they look for ways to avoid revealing how they spend taxpayer’s money.


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