What’s With The Limo?

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What’s With The Limo?


I’ve always felt that some of the smartest people in America call South Dakota home. Maybe all that time waiting for it to warm up is spent watching Jeopardy marathons.

What got me to thinking about smart people was a letter I got from one, my friend Russell in South Dakota. Russell told me about an appraisal he did on a 20 degree below day that was 18 miles off the paved highway with six foot snow drifts on both sides of the road. In other words, it was your typical beautiful South Dakota day. When Russell finally reached civilization he noticed the requisite row of old trucks, tractors and other rusty antiques parked in a long line that you’d find on any South Dakota ranch. All except one vehicle, that is. A late model, black limousine.

Russell was in the process of saying goodbye but there was something bothering him and he couldn’t leave without asking, “What’s with the limo?”

It seems the ranch owner had a real dilemma about a wedding. (Don’t all men?) His was a problem known to all who live out beyond the boonies: a lack of services. His son was getting married and the bride had her heart set on riding in style. And a 1895 Studebaker Coach pulled by a pair of matched Percherons, the same ones used for feeding the cows, wasn’t it. No, she wanted a real limo... the longer, the blacker, the better.




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