It is possible to start a business without any capital

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It is possible to start a business without any capital


As an advisor, I see many businesses of all shapes and sizes. Typically, when I meet with a startup venture the main topic of discussion is financing.

However, like many ideas, it takes not only an innovative and well thought out plan but some capital as well. There are however ways to reach your goal of one day owning your own business. This may mean taking your idea and reverse engineering your path to success.

Starting a very small business requires a lot less capital than if you decided to open up that major retail storefront you are dreaming about. Finding funding for it also becomes a lot more achievable as well. The first source of funding I always ask a client when we are talking about capital is his or her own income. This can come in the form of savings or even assets that can be turned into cash. Second, we talk about borrowing money from family and friends. Not everyone is excited about this idea but in some cases borrowing money from family and friends is a lot more secure because you will not incur interest or late fees as you would with a normal financial institution.


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