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What’s Cookin’


I learned in a West Texas cookhouse that when your mouth is full of bull its best to keep it shut. I was a journeyman journalist that had been sent to a 200,000 acre West Texas ranch that was long on history but short on social graces. It was my misfortune to show up the same day as a visiting professor from the University. I was there to write a story, the stall-fed Professor was there to be critical. We were both about as welcome as a wet dog.

When I was introduced to the visiting Doctor I was sure they said he was a range scientist but after ten minutes I was convinced he was a geologist because he was looking for faults all over that dried up piece of real estate. The Professor was the kind of a guy who would ask you a question, answer it for you and then tell you that you were wrong.

I’ll admit that I got off on the wrong foot right away with the Professor because he jumped in the middle of the pick-up seat leaving me to ride shotgun and to open every tight wire gate on the ranch. But at least I got away from the Professor for brief moments when I got out to open a gate, the range boss driving the pick-up was cooped up with him all morning and what little sense of humor that he did have to begin with was rapidly vanishing. I’ve never heard a person be so critical about everything from the personal appearance of our host to the way he drove the pick-up, which could both be described as scary.




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