Grandmother asks for grandson to not be judged harshly

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Dear Editor,

I heard a rumor the other day. I won’t state names, but those of you who know me can connect the dots. I heard my grandson was in prison. That was a surprise to me. Thank God he is not there yet.

I have always tried to teach my kids right from wrong. It is their choices that make them who they are, and will be their choices that can change them to who they should be. We have all, at one time or another, made bad choices. Thank God for His grace.

The Bible says “he who is without sin cast the first stone,” John 8:7.

My grandson has made a lot of bad choices in his few years of life. But, here recently he has been blamed on things he did not do. He was accused of hitting a pregnant girl only for that girl to admit she lied, did it to herself because last year she was pregnant and her parents made her have an abortion, and she didn’t want this one either. She said my grandson was nothing, but a low life, and it was easy to blame him because everyone else thought that of him also.



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