A Day Is A Lifetime

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A Day Is A Lifetime


I’m 67 years old and thought I was a goner at 40. The Doctors thought so too. If you’d have offered me a deal back then that I could live to be only 45 years old I’d have taken the deal in a heartbeat. The thought of living to be 67 was crazy.

I’ve looked death square in the face many times in my life, have been opened up and carved on from the Mayo clinic to local quacks and have suffered two significant strokes. After this last one there were days I thought I didn’t have 24 hours to live. I see doctors on a weekly basis, it takes 11 different prescriptions to keep me alive, I haven’t been able to eat normally for 27 years, have to sleep in a chair, can’t drive or travel 20 miles from home without getting pancreatitis, and I’m in constant pain.

And I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world!

I’m one tough son of a gun and people who know my story often ask how I do it. I always reply, “One day at a time,” If you break it down into its smallest parts you’ll realize that a day is a very long time indeed: 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. If a hug with my beautiful wife lasts 5 seconds that means I could hug her 17,280 times in a day, although I doubt she’d let me.



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