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it’s the pitts

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who prefer combination locks and those who like locks with keys. Combo people are generally early adopters of technology, good in math, boring, generous, precise people with good memories. While “keyed” people are more mechanical, cheap, poor in math skills but very creative. They also can’t remember what they had for lunch yesterday. I happen to be a key person.

Whether we are keyed up for combos is determined early in life. Both my wife and I are keyed the same and detest combination locks. To this day she remembers having nightmares of forgetting the combination to her high school locker. The first combination I remember forgetting was to the lock on my Schwinn® bicycle. I grew up in what you’d call a high crime area and if you didn’t have your bike chained down to something solid it would be gone in five minutes. And sometimes even if you had it chained to a heavy duty bike rack you might return after school to find the rack and all the bikes gone.



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