Fighting to secure our border: each mile faces unique geographical, technological challenges

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Every week meeting with folks across 29 counties of the 23rd District of Texas, securing our border and fixing our broken immigration system are frequent topics of conversation. That’s because the border is our backyard, and what happens impacts the daily lives of families across TX-23.

I represent more of the U.S.-Mexico border than any other Member of Congress, and I have seen firsthand that each mile of the border faces unique geographical, technological and cultural challenges that must be addressed using every tool at our disposal. Physical barriers are one of these tools and work well in urban areas. However, in other areas, a combination of cutting edge sensors and surveillance technology is a more efficient use of resources. These smart technologies would allow our most important border security resources, the men and women of Border Patrol, to identify illegal border crossings and deploy resources where they are needed. We also must respect the private property rights of landowners on the border, which would be threatened by eminent domain while building a physical barrier. Gaining operational control of all 2,000 miles of our southern border will require a mile-bymile approach that empowers Border Patrol to accomplish their goals using the best technology available.


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