The spirit of the season: kindness, civility and cooperation for the New Year

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There is a spirit of joy and giving in the air this time of year that goes unmatched, no matter the occasion celebrated. From getting together with family and loved ones to giving back to those in need, the holidays bring out the best in each of us and our nation as a whole. As this season continues, I encourage everyone to take time to reflect on this spirit of the season and carry a perspective of kindness, civility and cooperation into the New Year.

We live in a nation more divided than ever. And although bringing up politics is typically frowned upon at a family gathering, my fear is that we are unable to put our labels of Democrat or Republican aside and work for the common good of our communities. One of the founding principles of our nation is the freedom of speech, or put alternatively, the ability to disagree. Through civil discourse and competition of ideas, we have created a democracy that has allowed Americans to prosper. We must come together as a nation and show the world our ability to disagree civilly, and that more unites us than divides us. For this ‘experiment called America’ to continue to thrive, we must be able to disagree with one another, without being disagreeable.



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