Soup Strainers and Flavor Savers

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Have you ever noticed the obligatory five or six young men standing behind every Grand Champion steer or heifer at a major livestock show who were responsible for grooming the animal? While every hair is in place on the bovine the talented fellas responsible look like they just spent six months as roustabouts in northern Alaska without access to running water or shaving utensils.

They have so much facial hair one wonders if they go out in public does PETA throw paint on them thinking they’re wearing wool? Beards and mustaches are a generational thing. If you look at pictures of our Presidents you’ll see that only one or two of our Presidents up until Abe Lincoln had facial hair.

Then Abe started a trend of nine Presidents who wore some kind of facial hair. (In Abe’s case he had a good reason, he was uglier than a mud fence.) Then for no discernible reason, Presidents became clean shaven again and the last President who had any kind of facial hair was William Taft who was our 27th President.


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