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These Texas Lottery Commission scratch ticket games will close on November 28, 2018. You have until May 27, 2019, to redeem any tickets for these games: #1893 A Cut Above ($2) overall odds are 1 in 4.67, #2016 Wild 7’s ($3) overall odds are 1 in 4.55, #2038 Cinco ($5) overall odds are 1 in 3.63, #1860 Big Play Cashword ($10) overall odds are 1 in 3.69. The odds listed here are the overall odds of winning any prize in a game, including break-even prizes. Lottery retailers are authorized to redeem prizes of up to and including $599. Prizes of $600 or more must be claimed in person at a lottery claim center or by mail, with a completed Texas Lottery® claim form; however, annuity prizes or prizes over $2,500,000 must be claimed in person at the Commission Headquarters in Austin. Call Customer Service at 800-375-6886 or visit the lottery website at for more information and location of nearest claim center. The Texas Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, or for tickets lost in the mail. Tickets, transactions, players and winners are subject to, and players and winners agree to abide by, all applicable laws, Commission rules, regulations, policies, directives, instructions, conditions, procedures and final decisions of the Executive Director. A scratch ticket game may continue to be sold even when all the top prizes have been claimed. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a Texas Lottery ticket. The Texas Lottery supports Texas education and veterans. PLAY RESPONSIBLY. For help with a gambling problem, © 2018 Texas Lottery Commission. All rights reserved.

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