BREAKING: Flu Shot Walk-in Clinics Tuesday and Wednesday

It looks like Flu Season may be off to an early start this year!
Family Health Center of Ozona had a confirmed case earlier this week, and an Ozona child was diagnosed with the flu at another location. It has been confirmed that several cases have already been diagnosed in San Angelo as well.
Due to our new electronic medical records system, we will no longer be able to host the popular Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic that we did for many years. Also, in the past we have allowed walk-ins in the after hours Urgent Care for flu shots, and that will no longer be an option either.
Instead, the Family Health Center will serve the community this fall with several walk in flu shot clinics, scattered out over the next couple of months.
We currently have a limited amount of flu vaccine and high dose vaccine for those 65 and older, so therefore I have scheduled two such walk-in clinics for next week;
*Tuesday, September 11th, 2pm-4pm
*Wednesday, September 12th 2pm-4pm.
These two afternoons will be designated ONLY for flu shots, And I will have several nurses on hand to move people through as quickly as possible. We will vaccinate adults and children 9 years and older at the walk in clinics. Children 1 year to 8 years will need to be vaccinated at the clinic during regular business hours. Children under the age of one should be vaccinated at the office of their pediatrician.
As we receive additional vaccine, we will hold more walk in clinics throughout the next couple of months. However, if you are a patient seeing one of our providers during regular business hours, you can get a flu shot at that time if the provider feels that it is safe for you to do so.
If you work for the county or any other entity that pays for your flu shots, please bring the paperwork that was provided to you to any of the walk-in clinics that we schedule and you can get your flu shot at that time.
I know this was a long read, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it. If you have any questions about any of this, you’re welcome to call the clinic between the hours of 8am and 5pm at 392-3788. This is a new process for us as a team, so we ask that you please be patient with us as we take on this new endeavor. Also, please know that we are dedicated to taking care of our community, and we wish all of you a flu free and healthy season!
Thank you,
Susan Bilano, Family Health Center of Ozona

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