You May Be A Dude If...

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the sorting alley it’s easy to separate the dudes from the real cowboys. You may be a dude if... There are sheets on your bed in the bunkhouse. The camp cookie is a three star Michelin chef. When you set out for the day’s work you are provided a sack lunch and a wine cooler. The ratio of riders to cows exceeds two to one and the “trail boss” sends you and three others to go retrieve one old wayward arthritic cow. You have to pay for the privilege of getting baked past well done by the sun, bucked off, gored, or losing your finger in a dally or a squeeze chute. Your horse has one speed: slow. And there’s a seatbelt on your saddle. Instead of waking up the rooster, the rooster wakes you up. You must sign a stack of waivers before working cattle absolving the owner of all responsibility in case of your death.


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