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Another week in ink. That is a phrase we love saying each week as The Ozona Stockman once again finds its way into the hands of our readers. 
Readers who are clamoring for our paper each week so much that they call us saying “is my newspaper ready?” 
Readers who spend time Wednesday afternoons reading our paper cover to cover.
Readers who still want their newspaper on printed paper. 
It is to you readers that we are now asking to support The Ozona Stockman more than ever. 
Each week we ask you to subscribe and buy our newspaper. When you do this, you provide financial and moral support for the work we do here. 
Our readership is still strong, but The Stockman is facing its toughest battle. 
The Department of Commerce has imposed tariffs on Canadian newsprint. This has resulted in higher prices and limited supplies on newsprint, which makes it harder to keep The Stockman as a printed paper. 
To show you the lengths that our staff will go to in keeping this paper in print, we have traveled to San Marcos to pick up newsprint rolls, we are headed to Snyder this week and we may be traveling to Huntsville, if needed. 
We have also been in contact with a newsprint manufacturer and are figuring out a way to possibly a shipment of newsprint to us. The cost to do this would be in the thousands of dollars, but it would be enough paper to sustain us. 
We are doing this because our usual supplier in San Angelo is unable to get a shipment of newsprint at this time. 
We are grateful for our fellow newspaper friends, and our friends at the Texas Press Association and National Newspaper Association, for all their help. 
Those tariffs are job stealers and newspaper killers throughout the entire state and country. Our friends in Canadian, Texas are also going through the same struggle and have written columns similar to this. 
These are perilous times for the newspaper industry. Under these difficult circumstances, we are grateful for the continued advertising support of our local small business owners. We urge our readers to support them, in return, and to make sure they know their advertising in The Stockman is important to you. Today, we are seeking an additional pledge of help from all who have expressed your appreciation for this newspaper, as so many of you already have.
Buy a subscription. Buy one for yourself, for a friend, a relative, someone you know who reads the paper each week. They make great gifts. An annual subscription saves money and ensures that you will never miss a week of news. Subscriptions also provide year-to-year revenue that we can rely on, and ensures our advertisers that you are seeing their message. 
We do not mine, or sell, your personal data. We will never call you or share your information with anyone without your permission. You are our customers, our readers, not a product. 
Advertise. This newspaper offers the benefit of focused readers who want to know what’s going on, and what’s for sale, in Ozona and Crockett County. There are no pop-up ads. You can cut out that sale ad and put them on your refrigerator, right next to your child’s picture from the awards ceremony, as a reminder. 
Advertising dollars are what fuel our newspaper. How many people actually read The Stockman? Our print readership is 2,760, which is more than our circulation of 1,200. Our website readership is 2,500. People see the ads. 
From the half-page bank ad to the smallest 20-word classified ad for a garage sale, all advertising enables us to cover the news, sports, school, county and events that matter to our loyal readers. Every school year, we have loyal businesses and organizations that sponsor a whole page of school sports and events coverage. We thank them for that. Without their support, that page wouldn’t be possible every week. We also have the Business and Professional Guide. For as little as $5.50 a week you can put your business’s name and phone number in the block so people can continually remember who you are, what you do and where to call you. Businesses also sponsor an ad featuring the names, addresses, list of pastors and priests and services of all churches here in Ozona. Once again thank you. 
We also thank all our businesses who take the time to place their ads in our publication. We can assure you they are read and your money is well spent. Our advertisers write our paychecks and pay our bills. They keep The Stockman open. Without them, we are not possible. 
Printing. We can design and print all kinds of items, including business cards, flyers, envelopes, letterheads, posters, and invitations, multi-part forms like sales and invoice books, and more. If it’s ink on paper, come talk to us. We try to work with everyone and their budget if possible. These customers are also important and we appreciate them as well. It’s important to keep business local. 
Send a note. If you can’t afford to do anything more than you already do, just let us know you value our work, or tell us how we can improve or do things differently. We are a private-owned business, but we are your community newspaper. Your ideas and suggestions make us better. 
Your letters to the editor are welcome. Your opinions matter. We have fought hard, sometimes at great cost, to maintain the integrity and independence of this newspaper, and to provide a public forum for all who wish to make use of it. 
We will continue to do everything possible to keep this 105-year-old business alive, and to keep delivering a quality newspaper to our readers. 
We are looking to the future. We do have a website, Facebook and Twitter pages and soon a mobile app, but none of those things, including the current printed edition, will exist if we don’t continue to receive the support of our loyal readers.
Melissa Perner, Paul C. Perner IV, Susan Calloway and Brenna Hale 

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