A Rare Bird

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The closest town to mine is a well known bird sanctuary and once a year “birders” migrate to the big bird bash where they fill up the hotels, dine in local restaurants and put a smile on the face of the fine feathered folks at the local Chamber of Commerce. Believe it or not, 20% of Americans are proud to call themselves bird watchers and they annually spend in excess of 36 BILLION dollars to add to their “Life Lists” of birds they’ve seen.

There are thousands of rural towns in this country struggling right now and they could sure use the cash derived from such birdbrained activities. The problem is that most towns just don’t have the birds for it. Oh sure, they might have their share of lemmings, pigeons and jail birds, but that’s just the city council, and I really doubt rich people from the east would pay to see them. So I asked myself, what do rural towns have that are vanishing everywhere else that folks would flock to see?” 


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