Annex building reopens after health scare

The Crockett County Courthouse Annex is reopened.

At noon Tuesday, County Judge Fred Deaton spoke with Texas Department of Health Officials in El Paso and San Angelo who stated that the building was safe and that there was no infectious connection between anybody that has been ill at the courthouse annex.

Deaton also said that the health officials told him that the medical cases of Justice of the Peace Evelyn Kerbow and the late Crockett County Treasurer Karen Webb were different and not related.

He said the annex building is reopen. It will be up to the elected officials and department heads as to when each office will reopen, Deaton said.

“The building is safe,” Deaton said.

Deaton closed the annex on Monday afternoon after receiving news that Kerbow had been transported to the Lubbock burn unit with similar symptoms that Webb experienced before she died on Thursday, March 13. Webb’s family said when she was transported to Lubbock, she had blisters, bruises and sores on her body.

Deaton then contacted the Texas Department of Health stating it was best “to err on the side of caution.”

Health officials told Deaton Tuesday that under the circumstances, they could see where the county had reason to call them to investigate. Health officials also offered their condolences to Webb’s family.

Family members of Judge Kerbow have said her illness is possibly an allergic reaction to some medication and were informed by doctors Monday night that is was not the same illness that caused Webb’s death.

County Court that was scheduled for Tuesday was canceled.

Thursday’s grand jury reassembled is still scheduled to proceed in the main courthouse.

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