Feb. 12 Crockett County Commissioners' Court Agenda

The Crockett County Commissioners' Court will hold their regular meeting at 9 a.m. Monday, February 12, at the courthouse annex. The meeting is open to the public.
Items on the agenda:
1. Call to order
2. Invocation
3. Determine Quorum – Members Present
4. Read and approve minutes from previous meeting(s)
5. Examination of accounts for approval and direct payment of those approved
a. Treasurer’s report
b. Auditor’s report
6. Department Head Reports
a. Road Department
1. Discussion and action on roads and parks work completed and anticipated
2. Discussion and action on four-way stop at Avenue I and 6th Street.
b. Sheriff’s Department Report
c. Animal Control Report
d. Constable Report
e. Civic Center Report
f. Care Center Health & Emergency Services Report
g. Helping Hands Report
h. Library Report
i. Fire Department Report
j. Tax Office Report
k. Extension Office Report
l. Fair Park Convention Center Report
m. Senior Center Report
n. Historical Society Report
p. Airport Report
q. Child Welfare Report
r. Shooting Sports Complex Report
s. Chamber of Commerce Report
1. Discussion and action on contract between Chamber of Commerce and Crockett County
t. Parks and Recreation Report
7. Discussion and action on countywide burn ban
8. Discussion and action on renewal with Blackboard Connect Reverse 911
9. Discussion and action on Radio Tower Contracts
10. Discussion and action to adopt Crockett County Tax Abatement Guidelines and Criteria
11. Discussion and action to close small property off of Piedra Street behind 1705 Santa Rosa which is by the Ybarra Residence.
12. Discussion and action on Litter Abatement Act and cleaning up of abandoned properties.
13. Discussion and action on AirMed Care Network Site Membership for Crockett County.
14. Discussion and action on line-item change from Parks and Pool to Care Center for one personnel position.
15. Discussion and action to hire Director of the J. Cleo Thompson Wellness Center.
16. Discussion and action to take applications for part-time employees of the J. Cleo Thompson Wellness Center.
17. Discussion and action on J. Cleo Thompson Wellness Center Bylaws
18. Discussion and action on J. Cleo Thompson Wellness Center Membership Handbook
19. Discussion and action on Jail Project
20. Discussion and action on Clinic Project
21. Discussion and action on Wellness Center Project
22. Open forum/public comments
23. Discussion of non-agenda items for the purpose of placing them on the next agenda

The Commissioners will also meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 12, at the Crockett County Senior Center for the annual appreciation dinner.

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