Fastidious Farming

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Farm wives will like this bit of news that farming may soon go dirtless, at least according to a company called Indoor Farms of America. There will be no more dirty clothes to wash or messes to clean up when your hubby forgets to leave his mud in the mudroom. Indoor Farms of America has just built the first 100% solar powered vertical aeroponic indoor farm in the world. Talk about "no-till" farming, this news should have John Deere shaking in its shorts.

The company announced this "major milestone for indoor farming" in Las Vegas and that's fitting because it sounds like a BIG gamble. But Indoor Farms of America has sold their indoor farms all over the world, in places like the Yukon, Dubai and West Africa where they can "grow over double the yield of anything else in the world." Indoor Farms of America insists "containerized farming will allow local people to have access to daily fresh herbs and greens that they never experienced before, all year long, no matter the weather."

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