Why Didn't I Think Of That?

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There have been a few inventions in the cattle business that made me say to myself, "Self, you big dummy, why didn't you invent that?"I knew immediately that a gun you could shoot to vaccinate your cattle would be a winner. Now when you're a little slow on the headgate and a crazy cow charges through, escaping the needle, instead of retrieving the witch on horseback all you do is load your gun or crossbow and shoot her, making sure it's the vet gun and not the 30-30.

Another appealing invention is the Safety Zone Calf Catcher you attach to your ATV to catch a calf and then process it safely while the mother looks. I just don't think it would work on any ranch I've ever leased because they were so rocky and steep you couldn't climb them with an ATV. So I'm appealing to the inventor to make a mini-safety-corral you can attach to a horse.


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