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Did you see where Amazon, the fourth most valuable company in the world, bought Whole Foods? This has the trillion dollar grocery industry all atwitter and even has Wal Mart shakin' in its shorts. So much so that it came up with the idea of delivering the groceries you order online right to your refrigerator. This is the kind of idea that gets hatched in long meetings around big tables by dudes in low shoes whose phones are smarter than they are.

Wal Mart says the groceries will be delivered by a company called Deliv but I'd worry about any company that can't even spell Deliver. Supposedly the drivers will have a one-time access code into your home to stock your shelves and you can watch the delivery on your phone from anywhere on the globe. I assume that would include watching your housepest take a bio break.

Personally, I don't like the concept because going grocery shopping is the only time I take my wife anywhere and it would mean I'd never get to read the checkout literature. I don't think Wal Mart has thought this idea through or how it might work out in the great spaces in between places. For example...


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