October 26, 2023


Mr. and Mrs. Boyer, a Sheffield couple were much attached to a parrot, their household pet, until somebody lifted the bird from his roost. The old couple secured a description of the parrot kidnapper and got in communication with the local sheriff’s office by long-distance telephone with a request that the car in which the two men were riding be stopped and searched. The men were spotted and their car was searched by Sheriff Willis, but Polly was nowhere to be found. Later, two Ozona young men captured the parrot and reunited the couple with the bird but the parrot kidnappers escaped the clutches of the law.


Land of the Patrick estate, a 1400-acre tract adjoining the townsite of Ozona, owned by the Patrick family for 45 years, set a new record high for land price in Crockett County when it was sold at $21 an acre. The purchaser was Early Chandler, Crockett County ranchman. The late T. W. Patrick, Crockett County pioneer, acquired the land by purchase in 1898 from another Crockett pioneer. J. W. Friend. 


Ozona High School band’s feature twirler, Harvey Weant showed off the trophy he won in Houston last spring when he was named top twirler in the state. In competition at Notre Dame University the past summer, he wound up in seventh place in the nation. He may be seen every Friday night performing with the Lion band at the football halftime shows.


World War II and Crockett County’s part in it came to life in a magnificent way when nearly twenty years of research and study resulted in a new book written and arranged by Jim Dudley, Crockett County’ s treasurer and practicing public accountant. The book, 224 pages long, contains a meticulously researched history of the service records of a large number of men from this county. The book is a thumbnail history of the big war, traced year by year and month by month from the earliest sabre rattling by Adolph Hitler in Europe to his death in an underground bunker in Berlin and from the Japanese dastardly sneak attack on the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor to their abject surrender to General Douglas MacArthur in Tokyo Bay.

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