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Ozona History


The kindergarten class was closed for three weeks after a polio outbreak. Ten children were in attendance when the class resumed. The enrollment at the opening of the school year was 21.


After outrunning Game Warden John Lockett and Deputy Sheriff Billy Mills in a wild chase, which started at the Hudspeth Ranch south of Ozona, an Odessa man, wanted on a game violation charge, quit his car and took to the pasture about three or four miles south of Barnhart. At last reports, the man had successfully eluded officers throughout west Texas who had been alerted to be on the lookout for him. O.C. Mixon was charged with illegally possessing a deer, hunting out of season, killing deer out of season, killing a fawn illegally, hunting at night with a spotlight, resisting an officer, speeding, reckless driving and possibly a number of other charges.


This family of pachyderms was a circus highlight when the Fisher Bros. Circus was in town. Many Ozonans drove down to the circus site to have a look at the three elephants as they waited for the circus to open. The show, sponsored by the Southside Lions Club, performed two shows to packed houses. The circus was a first for many local children.


Commissioners responded to a petition from west Ozona citizens asking for action against a prowling mountain lion at a meeting Monday. The court voted to hire Eddie Moore for two days to take his hunting dogs, with landowners' permission, and look around the area where the cat has been reported. The motion also included hiring a trapper to work the area with the landowners' permission. A mountain lion had been sighted by residents in an area near Chandlerdale. One report was of a lioness and two cubs.

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